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You and your family can expect the best care from our expert physicians and staff at Nevada Ear + Sinus Institute, the premier health care provider in the greater Las Vegas area. We’re happy to help treat a variety of ear, nose and throat disorders.

Sinus pressure got you down?

Sinusitis is the number one reported chronic condition in the United States, affecting an estimated 37 million Americans. Whether you’re experiencing congestion, pressure or other issues, let our experts help you with treatment options such as sinus surgery and balloon sinuplasty.

Dreading spring due to allergies?

Our ENT physicians are trained in the diagnosis, treatment and management of allergies. We offer allergy testing and proven treatment plans to ease your seasonal or year-round suffering.

Having trouble hearing?

Having a hard time hearing other people or notice that you don’t enjoy certain activities as much as you used to? Hearing loss affects millions of Americans regardless of age. Whether you’re in need of a hearing test, cochlear implants or hearing surgery, our experts can help. We also treat conditions such as eustachian tube dysfunction, perforated eardrums and more.

What is an ENT?

Known more commonly as an ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor, an otolaryngologist can help you with a variety of symptoms related to any disorder of the head and neck. Whether you’re dealing with an ear infection, sinus pressure or hoarseness, let our experts help you on your journey toward wellness.

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