Surfer’s Ear and Other Summer-Related Disorders

Residents of landlocked Las Vegas, Nevada might think a condition called surfer’s ear is the least of their worries. While it’s reasonable to assume that you have better odds of having a slot machine fall on your foot and spraining your toe, the truth is you are not immune from this painful affliction. When the Read More

Airplane Ear

You made it – it is finally summer vacation! While this is far less exciting than it was when you were still in grade school, vacationing and summertime still go hand in hand. Once you book your ticket, the planning can begin. Maps? Check! Hotel reservation? Check! Knowledge of how to prevent airplane ear? After Read More

Join Us In Celebrating Better Hearing & Speech Month!

For the past 90 years, May has been the month where people with and without hearing loss come together to help spread awareness. Created by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), the goal of this month-long event is to raise awareness of hearing loss and speech problems. The theme for 2018 is “Communication for All.” Communicating Read More

Surgery Options for Sinus Infections

Do you feel like you have tried every pill at the pharmacy to treat your sinus condition with little to no change in your symptoms? Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. This is when your Las Vegas doctor may recommend a surgical solution. Conditions that can be treated with nasal or sinus surgery include: Nasal blockage Read More

Can Tinnitus be Cured?

Tinnitus is more common than you might think – nearly 20 percent of individuals in Las Vegas and throughout the country report some degree of it. Even though it affects so many people, most never see a doctor about it. Why? Because they believe it is just something they have to live with. What is Read More

What Is a Deviated Septum?

Your nasal cavity is divided in half by bone and cartilage. A deviated septum occurs when that dividing wall becomes off center or crooked. A severe enough deviated septum can cause breathing difficulties and chronic sinus conditions that require treatment. What Causes a Deviated Septum? As your Las Vegas otolaryngologist explains it, there are two Read More

Can Skin Rashes Be Caused by Allergies?

Has your skin ever felt like it was on fire while living in Las Vegas, Nevada? If so, you have probably experienced one of the many types of skin rashes. Normally, if something were wrong with your skin, a dermatologist would be the first person you would schedule a visit with. But I’m here to Read More

Can Hearing Aids Get Wet?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I spend more time than I should trying to decide if I can get my belongings wet. This is where your Las Vegas audiologist has you covered by taking the guesswork out of it. Can you get your hearing aids wet? No. Hearing aids are like any Read More

What is a Sinus Infection?

Suffering from a mild sinus infection can be quite annoying. Common symptoms include nasal congestion and discharge, postnasal drip, sore throat, facial pressure and swelling, loss of smell and taste, headache, fever, fatigue and bad breath. The good news is that you are not alone; experts estimate nearly 37 million Americans have suffered from a Read More

Halloween and Food Allergies

When the nights are cool and the pumpkin spiced lattes are back in your neighborhood coffee shop, you know fall is here. And with that comes Halloween. If you have a child with food allergies, you know how hard this holiday can be for them. Food Allergies Food allergies are quite common. Researchers estimate that Read More