Understanding Low-Frequency Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss affects more than 48 million Americans. Most have trouble hearing the chirping of birds and the voices of women and children. But for a small group, their hearing loss affects their ability to hear low-frequency sounds. How You Hear Sounds When you hear your doorbell ring, there is a complex process that happens Read More

Does Hearing Loss Affect Memory?

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Untreated hearing loss can have an impact on almost every aspect of your life, including your physical, mental and emotional health. A decrease in your ability to retain and recall information is the newest impact experts are associating with hearing loss. Hearing Loss & Concentration In order to follow a conversation, those with hearing loss Read More

Do You Have a Cold or a Sinus Infection?

Experiencing a runny nose or head congestion is common in the winter months. Since these symptoms are associated with various health conditions, including both the common cold and a sinus infection, it may be hard to determine if and when you need to seek medical attention. Understanding the difference between these two ailments can ensure Read More

October is Audiology Awareness Month

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Hearing loss can be a confusing experience that leaves you feeling discouraged, frustrated and isolated. October is Audiology Awareness Month, which means now is a great time to learn about life changes that can help make for a better tomorrow. Audiologists, including the experts at , can help identify hearing problems and recommend a treatment Read More

Increase in Hearing Loss for Service Workers

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According to new research from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, a large number of workers in the Services sector – the largest sector in the U.S. industry – are at an elevated risk for developing hearing loss. This research was published in the International Journal of Audiology at the end of last Read More

Common Hearing Aid Myths

Ninety to 95 percent of mild to severe hearing loss cases could be successfully treated with hearing aids, but only about 20 percent of people who could benefit from the devices actually wear them. This is likely due to widespread misconceptions about hearing loss and hearing aids. Below are some of the most common hearing Read More

Flying with Hearing Loss

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While you may not have any plans to fly in the immediate future, it is important to be prepared for when you do. Flying with hearing loss may seem complicated, but if you follow these tips below it will be smooth ride. Before You Leave Proper preparation is the key to success. Before you leave Read More

Uncommonly Common Hearing Issues

When you think of hearing problems, the first things that come to mind are probably hearing loss and ear infections. While these certainly top the list, the ears are complex structures and subject to a variety of hearing issues. Residents of Las Vegas might be diagnosed with hearing problems ranging from a ringing sensation to Read More

Don’t Let Hearing Loss Force You Into Early Retirement

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Once upon a time, people were rewarded for career longevity with gold watches and pensions. The times may have changed, with fewer people remaining loyal to one company their entire lives, but improvements in health care have resulted in people pushing back the traditional retirement age and working well into their 60s or even 70s. Read More

The Hidden Dangers of Cotton Swabs

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They say you shouldn’t stick anything in your ear smaller than an elbow. Think that’s an old wives’ tale? A man from Coventry, England would beg to differ. Resist the Urge to Poke Around in There Many people in Las Vegas routinely clean their ears with cotton swabs or Q-tips. No big deal, right? After Read More