Balloon Sinuplasty Facts

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Chronic sinusitis is inflammation in the sinuses that persists three months or longer, despite treatment. While antibiotics are typically the first course of treatment for sinus infections, surgery may be necessary in chronic cases. Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally-invasive alternative to traditional sinus surgery that has been shown to be highly effective. About Balloon Sinuplasty Read More

How Long Do Sinus Infections Last?

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During this time of year, it can be difficult to know whether your sniffles are caused by allergies, a cold or something else. The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology estimates that 31 million Americans are diagnosed with sinus infections each year. Understanding the signs of a sinus infection, including how long it can Read More

What Is Nonallergic Rhinitis?

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Rhinitis is inflammation of the nose that causes cold-like symptoms such as itchiness, congestion, running and sneezing. Allergic rhinitis is caused by an environmental trigger (allergen), and nonallergic rhinitis can have a variety of causes. While symptoms of these two conditions are similar, treatment depends on the underlying cause. Symptoms of Nonallergic Rhinitis Signs and Read More

Do You Have a Virus or a Sinus Infection?

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Getting sick during the winter is almost a given. Determining whether your sore throat, sneezing and runny nose are caused by a cold, sinus infection or the flu is important, as each requires a different treatment approach. By the Numbers According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans adults have two to three Read More

Treating Sinus Infections without Surgery

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Sinus infections are one of the most common chronic health conditions in Las Vegas. About 37 million Americans are diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, an infection that lasts longer than eight weeks. Patients deal with cold-like symptoms that cause pain and misery; often, surgery is the only way they can find relief. A new research study Read More

Can Lasers Help Chronic Sinusitis Sufferers?

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Chronic sinusitis is widespread in Las Vegas and across Nevada. Some 37 million Americans suffer from this persistent sinus infection, which causes a range of painful cold-like symptoms. Often, medications are ineffective, leaving many patients with few options beyond surgery. New research shows that lasers be an effective long-term solution. Laser Ablation & Sinus Infections Read More

Nasal Surgery May Help Chronic Headache Sufferers

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Headaches are nothing new for many people in Las Vegas. An occasional dull ache is one thing, but when headaches are persistent, they can severely impact your quality of life. While there are many possible causes of chronic headaches, some individuals might find relief from nasal surgery. Relieving Obstructed Breathing Could Help Tame Headaches Factors Read More

Your Nose Knows

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We have a tendency to self-diagnosis ourselves, even though most people in Las Vegas are not doctors. Dusty air making you sneeze? “I’ve got sinuses!” you might say. Well, yes – we all have sinuses. Four pairs, actually. These hollow cavities in the skull help humidify and filter the air we breathe. They are also Read More

Sleep Apnea Sufferers May Benefit from Sinus Surgery

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One of the most common sleep disorders in Las Vegas is sleep apnea. Patients with sleep apnea don’t only experience poor sleep quality; they have a higher risk for a number of physical health complications including heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Patients who can’t tolerate CPAP – the standard treatment for sleep apnea – might Read More

Do You Have Seasonal Allergies…or Sinusitis?

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Spring is well underway now in Nevada and across the U.S. Unfortunately, many people in Las Vegas are experiencing the seasonal onslaught of springtime allergies…or at least they think they are. In many cases, the symptoms attributed to allergies are actually the result of chronic sinus infections. Learning to tell them apart can result in Read More