Should You Upgrade Your Hearing Aid?

hearing aid lifestyle in las vegas Many of us hold onto things for too long – that toaster that only cooks on one side or that mug you have to hold from the rim because the handle is long gone. Maybe you are saving it because it works well enough, or maybe you want it on hand just in case you need it. So, Why should we apply the same principles to our hearing aids?


But what if these old products were a television? Would you be satisfied with an old analog set when you know you could easily go to a big box Las Vegas store and get a beautiful 4K model?


When you think about an older hearing aid, think of it like a television and not like a toaster.

Thinking About Upgrading Your Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are complex electronic devices. While they may have been the cat’s pajamas at the time of purchase, they are quite outdated now. Since the technology within hearing aids is evolving at such a fast pace, older devices simply cannot compete with newer models.


We get it, you already spent a few thousand dollars a few years ago; why should you shell out more money for the same product? What if I told you your hearing could be even better with a new device?

New Hearing Aid Technology

Newer devices contain features like Bluetooth® compatibility for added versatility and ease of use. They are also more compact and comfortable than ever before.


Adaptive dual microphones offer outstanding directionality and sound localization, and advanced digital sound processing and ear-to-ear internal communications allow the devices to make automatic adjustments based on the environment.


What this means is that these new devices are able to analyze the type of sound being received and use advanced algorithms to accurately apply and balance amplification. Important sounds are amplified, and background noise becomes more manageable. This makes it easier for you to understand speech in noisy environments, substantially reduces feedback and creates a more natural listening experience overall.


The hearing aids available in Las Vegas are the best we have ever seen. Still don’t believe us? We’d be happy to show you. Contact us to schedule an appointment. You’ll have the chance to try out a model and hear the difference for yourself.