3 Common Hearing Aid Misconceptions

Did you know that 48 million people in Las Vegas and around the country suffer from hearing loss? Almost 80 percent of these individuals don’t use their hearing aids. But why? If you have a device that can help improve your quality of life, why would you let it sit in a drawer? Turns out, Read More

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Hearing Aids Need to be Properly Maintained All expensive purchases require a little upkeep. That fancy pan you bought needs to be seasoned, the sports car needs to have its oil changed and your hearing aids need to be properly maintained. You and your Las Vegas audiologist worked hard to determine the best hearing aid Read More

Leisure Activities Rife with Loud Noise

May Is Better Hearing & Speech Month: Simple Steps to Protect Your Hearing for a Lifetime With more than half of Americans who experience noise-induced hearing loss not working in noisy jobs, the spotlight turns to what Americans are doing in their leisure time. May 1st marks the beginning of Better Hearing & Speech Month—a Read More